Those who tell the stories rule the world.
— Hopi Proverb

Who are we?


Core Values

To know who we are as a company is to know our core values.
These five words drive everything we do.


Transparency builds trust.  Without the trust of our team members, our creative partners and our clients there is no way we can produce our best work.  Because we believe anything worth doing is worth doing well, being open and honest at Hatcreek is vital.


Everyone has their own strengths.  We believe the best work happens when those strengths are not siloed.  Whether that's from other team mates, third party vendors, or clients, we aim to make our time and talents as available to others as possible.


Everyone comes to the table with their own perspectives which informs the way they live.  We celebrate that uniqueness and strive to see those points of view.  Through that understanding we can work more collaboratively and create a safe environment.   


When the opportunity arises for us to try something big, to swing for the fences, we go for it!  Sometimes, life calls for the safe passage.  We understand that, and we respect that.  But sometimes, there are opportunities to take those big chances and do something that hasn't been tried before.   We love those moments.  It won't always be a win, but to reference the infinitely wise Leo McGarry, if we're going to walk into walls, we might as well run into them full speed. 


There is a lot of talent in this world.  We have the luxury of seeing it everyday.  Everyone has a choice when it comes to sharing those talents.  We strive to be the best at whatever we do while not losing sight of that fact that we are lucky to be working with such amazing people who have chosen to share their gifts with us.

A word from Hatcreek's founder Chad Jones

I want to tell you a story.  

When I was a kid, 6 or 7, I was visiting my grandfather at our family farm.  We were on our morning feed run which involved going into the barn, filling a bucket with feed and then walking to the back acres to fill the cow trough.  While he slid the barn door closed I jumped down from the corral gate to start our walk.  I didn’t realize Rojo, a beast of a bull, was standing behind me, and I had startled him.  He began charging and I, all 50 pounds of me, was pinned between this beast and the barn.  Without flenching my grandfather made a fist, turned and punched Rojo square in his jaw.  Stunned, the bull shook his head a little, let out a sneeze and walked away.  My grandfather picked up the bucket of feed and said, “Reckon you scared him a bit.”  And with that we were on our way.

I love telling that story because it captures my grandfather.  With that one story you know him in some small way.  That’s the power of storytelling.  It connects people. I founded Hatcreek Marketing in 2013 based on the idea that better marketing happens when companies can connect with the consumer.  I am a storyteller at heart, and I've seen where companies struggle to find the best way to make that connection via digital media. So I left my job as Chief Marketing Officer at an I.T. firm based out of Dallas and set up shop in Austin.  I'm lucky. I continue to wake up everyday and work with some amazing people and inspiring businesses and it remains Hatcreek's number one goal to help them build their platform and tell their story.