Our Philosophy

When it comes to marketing, every business is different. There's not one right answer, but there are some principles to success we've found to be constants  in our approach.


Invest in the learning.

We've see some companies invest a lot of money to create some great content.  It is a great feeling when you've produced something so high quality with your company's logo attached.  The problem is, unless you've spent the time on the front end to really study your audience and plan how you're going to execute, that content falls flat.  It happens a lot in our industry, and that's why we put so much time and energy into educating ourselves about your company and your audience.  We're not saying it's full-proof, but by putting the data first we can guarantee more consistent marketing wins.

Build it strong.

It's easy to cut corners.  Often times those small details don't seem worth holding up a launch date or delaying implementation of your strategy.  We tell ourselves, "we'll move forward and correct it later."  It has been our experience that this almost never works like you intend.  Once you execute a plan it usually puts a lot of things in motion so it's a lot easier for those small things to get put off or worse fall through the cracks.  Marketing can be a cruel world when it comes to first impressions so we believe in trying to get it right out of the gate.

Know when to fold'em. 

Marketing is a balancing act.  We always want to see quick results but that rarely happens.  The key is having the patience to give a marketing strategy the time it needs to succeed yet knowing when to call it quits.  It's easy to get stuck on an idea because it seemed like a winner in your last meeting.  You invest so much time nurturing that idea, crafting it, executing, that it's impossible not to feel connected to it.  However, we believe flexibility is a virtue, so it's important to call those audibles when you're not getting the desired results.