Featured Case Study


The Background

LOOP Nola used to be an initiative of Louisiana State Parks and that's where it received the majority of it's funding.  Unfortunately that funding was cut and LOOP was left with a decision.  They either had to restructure as a non-profit and find a path to sustainability or close it's doors

Our Solution

A strong digital presence was going to be crucial to spreading the word and aiding in fundraiser. We developed a completely new website and helped refine their messaging.  We paid particularly close attention to how we wanted users to step through their site and designed navigation and layout with their story in mind.  At each step we made sure there was an easy path to become involved and support the organization.

The Results

Within a few days of the sites launch the online donations started coming in.  In addition they were able to secure a partnership with a reputable outdoor brand who sited the professionalism of the their website and the clear articulation of their story as one of the driving factors.