Social Round-Up: Conquering Facebook


by Chad Jones

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This is the second post in our series, “Social Round-Up”.  We will be discussing the “next steps” after someone becomes a follower of you or your page.  Many of the steps will share similar principles across social media but be modified to take advantage of the different functionality offered by each platform.  

Today we tackle a big one, Facebook.  It’s the biggest social platform out there, and it really started the whole social media craze.  Sure there were others before, but Facebook brought it all into the mainstream.  

So you’ve created your Facebook business page, you’re publishing killer content and the “likes” start rolling in.  What's next?  If you’re like me you'll want to personally give everyone who likes your page a hug and buy them a beer. 


The problem is, especially as things pickup, the volume is just too high.  You’d spend all your time and money traveling or at the very least writing personalized messages.  But how then do you maximize your Facebook efforts and show those who’ve liked your page you care?

The Best Fans Deserve the Best Content

First and foremost you have to trust that your fans liked your page because they like what you do.  The number one thing you can do to thank them is keep being you.  Keep putting out great content that is helpful.  But we all know that marketing is most successful when it’s highly target so what does that look like on Facebook?

It's a Horse of a Different Color.

Facebook is a robust platform.  You’re not really restricted by character count or the type of media you use.   Because of it’s broad approach, people can use it for a variety of different things which is a big reason it has well over a billion users.  Where it differs from the rest of the pack is its inability to segment fans (unless you’re running targeted ads).  So to properly keep track of your fans you'll need to look outside of Facebook for help.  It’s time for the big guns.

Bust Out the Spreadsheet

Perhaps it’s a bit archaic but spreadsheets are highly effective.  There’s two ways to go about it.  One is the “what else am I doing” way and the other is the “time is money” way.  

If you’ve got time on your hands, or you happen to have an intern, create a comprehensive spreadsheet and track everything: Age, Gender, favorite movies, favorite books, type of things they’ve liked. Yes it’s very time consuming, but if you’re diligent, you’ll learn a ton about your fans.  You’ll start to see trends in their interests which can be invaluable knowledge to have when marketing. 

In addition to aggregating all their data, divide them into two list: Hot Leads, those who might actually use your service themselves, and Everyone Else, those who might be friends with someone who might use your service.  Really focus in on the hot leads.  What makes them hot?  Make sure to note anything that’s going to help you make a better connection.

Now if you’re in the "time is money" category just do the latter and break down all your followers into those two lists.  

Start Connecting

Once you’ve got a segmented list of fans, you’re really only going to focus on the hot leads.  I know, it’s a little sad for the "Everybody Else" list, but you have to spend your time wisely, and remember you’re already thanking them with your kick ass content.

Thank Them

As we stated in our LinkedIn post, please and thank you still go a long way.  Take the time to send your hot leads a thank you message when they like your page.  Explain very briefly what your company does (you want to be respectful of their time), and wherever possible end with a question.  By ending with a question you’re asking them to engage with you, and that is the first step in building a relationship.

Keep In Touch

Facebook is great about letting you know when one of your old school mates whom you haven’t talked to in 15 years is having a birthday, but when it comes to your fans, you’re on your own.  To keep in touch you’ll have to make a little bit of effort.  An easy win is noting their birthday in your spreadsheet and setting a calendar reminder.  For anything more, you’ll have to go in from time to time and see what’s new with your promising leads.

Tailor Your Message

It’s important to remember that your fan’s newsfeed is a fickle beast.  There is only one way to guarantee that when you post something new they’ll see it and that’s by tagging them.  This is a great way to get eyes on your posts, but use them wisely.  If you’re sharing a piece of content you think one or two of your fans might enjoy particularly, it’s ok to tag them in it publicly.  What you don’t want to do is tag everybody in your “hot leads” list on every post.  By using them sparingly it will show you actually put thought into what you were sharing with them, and it’ll help deepen that connection.  

Another reason to use tags instead of sending a private message is because you’ll increase the likelihood that friends of theirs will see your post as well.  If they’re friends of your fans, then there’s a good chance they will enjoy the same things and maybe, just maybe they'll become one of your friends too. 

Quick tip:  when using tags don’t be the guy who writes someones name in the post and also tags them. 

Don’t be that guy.


Engage.  Many businesses put their social posts on auto-pilot and go about doing other things.  This is a perfectly acceptable way to do things, but you need to be monitoring your fan's engagement.  If a fan comments on a post, take the time to respond.  You’d be amazed by the amount of companies taking the time to create amazing content but then totally ignoring their fans when they comment, like or share that content.  By taking the time to engage your customer you will build trust and loyalty.  

Keep a close eye on those who do frequently engage with your posts.  They might deserve a promotion to the "hot leads" list or even a brand new list called “advocates”.  Those type of fans are invaluable and you should go out of your way to make sure they know how much you appreciate their support.  

Keep Calm and Facebook On

Conversions from social don’t happen over night.  It can happen slowly and it can be frustrating.  We recommend focusing less on converting them to paying customers and more on turning them into avid fans.  If you can do that, conversions will follow, you will have conquered Facebook and won the internet.


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Chad Jones