Is LinkedIn's New Ad Platform a Game Changer?

Is LinkedIn's New Ad Platform a Game Changer?

It's offical, LinkedIn is a marketing jackpot!  Especially if you're in the business to business industry.  It’s a networking platform that serves professionals, and it tracks information about their location, demographics, interests, employment and connection history. That kind of information is a treasure trove for marketers.  This is why businesses have been increasing their investment in social media, but what has always made LinkedIn a dream for B2B The fact that LinkedIn is filled with professional aka decision makers.  What makes it a grand slam is it’s new ability to place highly targeted advertisements in front of those decision makers.

LinkedIn's recent acquisition of the marketing firm Bizo is making all of this possible.  With their new product, called the LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, businesses can break-out their potential ad audience into different segments based on the data in their LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn has also begun rolling out other supporting products that let advertisers place ads on other websites that LinkedIn users visit, expanding the potential impact of such ads.  In addition marketers will have access to data on who sees the ads which is crucial for optimizing its effectiveness.

Information provided directly by the users tends to be more accurate, and by access that data when targeting your ads you know you are getting in front of the write people.  Then, by tracking who sees your ads and how they react you can really craft your message to maximize impact.  For example, a business that sells social media marketing services can use LinkedIn's data to place their ads on the profiles of social media marketing representatives with active profiles, ensuring that they have the best possible audience.  Then, based on customer engagement they can continue to tweak those ads until they get the desired results.  But the data mining implications are even greater!

Marketers can also take advantage of the additional data in LinkedIn about the users in order to focus their efforts even more. For example, by examining the segments of the market that work in the target industry and the target role, marketers can learn other characteristics about the target demographic, like their age, location, and interests.  This kind of information can really help paint a clear picture of your intended audience which has benefits that far outreach LinkedIn.  You might learn that your target demographic is younger than you expected which allows you to make key adjustments to other platforms as well as offline marketing efforts. 
Lead Accelerator  is going to transform the way marketers place ads on LinkedIn,  and if you're not excited enough already, the early results are in.  Companies, like Lenovo, eCornell, and Localytics all showed a large increase in conversions and decreases in cost from using the tool.  There is a little bit of a learning curve so you will need to designate some time to study up.  Double that time if you're not already familiar with setting up social and retargeting ads, but if ever there was place to jump on board early it is here.  Goodnight and good luck! 


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Chad Jones