Facebook Ads: Put Up or Be Shut Up

Facebook: Put Up or Be Shut Up

The idea of Facebook marketing is pretty simple. Create a profile for your business and publish content.  The goal is that your target audience will find that content engaging and it will drive conversions.  The problem is that, with all the time you’re spending optimizing your page and creating great content, there is only a small portion of your audience by which it is seen.

The Decline of Facebook Organic Reach

In 2014, more than 88 percent of businesses used social media as a means of advertising. This has resulted in a large increase in daily shared content which has led to overcrowding on the Facebook platform. If Facebook continued with its old algorithm and allowed an unlimited amount of businesses to reach the same percentage of people, they would be doing a disservice to their user base.

Changes to the algorithm have drastically reduced the organic reach that businesses are seeing with their posts.  Recent statistics have shown that, on average, posts meant for organic reach are now only being viewed by less than 2 percent of a company's target audience.  

Another major shift for Facebook is how much of what appears in their mobile app on the news feed will contain a link instead of the actual story. Because users might actually have to click on a link to read a story, businesses will continue to see a decline in the number of people who view their content.

The Rise of the Facebook Ad Machine

The platform’s popularity is a double-edged sword for businesses.  With such a large user base it is a great opportunity to expand reach, but it has become so crowded that penetrating through all the noise is increasingly more difficult.  While the shift in policy from Facebook makes organic reach a less-friendly method for businesses, there is still hope of getting your content out there with paid advertisement.  

Many small businesses are turned off when paid advertisement is mentioned because of the cost.  On some platforms it can get expensive quickly and yield results that make it hard to justify.  Facebook is making this process a little more appealing by making price control easy and for a small investment you will start to see results quickly.

You’ve Got to Pay to Play

If you want to succeed on Facebook, you must invest in paid advertising. The social media consumer market is just way too crowded for the average business to get their message out the old fashioned way, and Facebook has realized that their users weren't receiving the best experience possible.  While you won't have to spend a significant amount of money, if you want to truly benefit a monthly budget and ad strategy is crucial.


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Chad Jones