Who Are You and Why Are You Talking to Me?

Who Are You and Why Are You Talking To Me?

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Hatcreek is a marketing agency, and we believe in content. Content Marketing has been a buzzword for the past several years, and it has its fair share of skeptics, but the reason the team and I throw our full support behind it is because it aligns with what marketing is at its core. Marketing is meant to help and inform prospects so they may decide whether or not what you offer is something they need. Content does just that. But more on content marketing and why it should just be called marketing in a future post. For now, why has a company that believes so passionately in content waited so long to start a blog?

If It’s Worth Doing, Do It Right 

I’ve started many times but several things stopped me.

For starters, I have a base knowledge about many things but sharing that seemed like a waste of your time. There are already people out there providing more value on those subjects than I could. I wanted to find that bit where I could go deeper and offer a perspective that might be helpful.

The second thing stopping me was a struggle to find my voice. It seems like it should be easy. Pick a subject about which you are passionate and knowledgable, and write about it. It’s deceptively hard. I would start writing but it always sounded like some other guy’s blog. A bland, uninspired piece with which I was never happy.

The Dude

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Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

The other day I was in a strategy meeting with a colleague, and we were discussing Hatcreek’s big objectives for the upcoming year. I began talking about how we might measure the success of those objectives. I went on for probably too long about controlling variables and somewhere in there it clicked. The real application of marketing is what I need to talk about. There’s tons of content on marketing theory, and a lot of it is super helpful, but where content gets light is when small businesses try to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Many times blogs will start under the guise of offering concrete advice, but usually that advice goes one of two ways. It either gets so far in the weeds you come out not knowing where to start or it devolves into something extremely vague. The goal here is to offer something that is thorough yet easy to understand and implement.

Ok, so I’ve knocked out the first roadblock.

Finding My Voice 

I spoke to a friend and started talking about what I wanted to write about. I explained I didn’t know what sort of voice I should use. She said, “you’ve only got one voice, and if you don’t write with that it won’t be good.” She paused, “maybe curse less.”


Per usual I was over thinking it. I am not going to get wrapped up in formalities here. I will talk with y’all like we’re having cocktails on the porch… with a little less cursing.

The Dude Nailed It

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So that’s what you can expect here at the Hatcreek Blog. There will definitely be some theory (it’s hard to get around) but we will always try to bring it around to application. We will share our struggles and our successes with full transparency so you might take from us what works and avoid what does not.

Also, we believe in community and you can’t have that with out participation. Please join the conversation with any questions or suggestions you have, and don’t be afraid to share your successes or struggles as well.

Coming Up Next

Now before I leave you I want to tell you about something we are working on and why we think it’s super helpful for companies of all sizes.

It’s our Content Manifesto.

What is a content manifesto you ask?

It’s a declaration of our content’s purpose.

I’ve already talked a little about the type of content you’ll get here, but our manifesto takes it much deeper. It’s primarily an internal document, but we will be publishing it right here when it’s complete. I will walk through our creation process and why, if done properly, it can completely revolutionize your marketing strategy.

And that ladies and gents is a cliffhanger.

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