We are well past the "Mad Men" days of marketing where your success rises and falls with one big idea.  Your prospects will tell you what they want, you just have to be able to interpret the data.  What separates businesses that are able to scale into Fortune 500 companies is not quality, it’s measured decisions.   That's what makes Hatcreek's Analytics Packages a great place to start. 


The Marketing Audit


Hatcreek's Marketing Audit is a one time comprehensive report on all your marketing channels.  We act as a fresh set of eyes digging into your data and providing you with key insights.  With this comprehensive 360° look at  your current marketing strategies you'll walk away feeling empowered to make the adjustments needed to grow your business.

The Analysts 


Acting as an Analyst, we work with you every month to answer questions like: "Who's is visiting my website?", "Where are they coming from?", "What are they doing once they get there?".  By staying in tuned with your marketing channels, we'll be able to provide ongoing insights to help correct strategies that aren't working and enhance those that are.